Monday, February 2, 2009


If you don’t live in Houston, you don’t know that many people don’t use buses. Therefore, if you ask someone about bus routes and bus fares most of them probably will not know about it.

Very recently, I started going to school. Therefore, I had to start using the bus to go downtown. It was the first time in Houston I went on the bus. When I was waiting to get on the bus, I noticed that some passengers showed their wallets while they were getting on the bus. I wondered why they were showing their wallets. I noticed that one passenger inserted money in a box. I also inserted the money in the box. Fortunately I saw one passenger inserting the money in to the box; otherwise, I would have shown my wallet also without knowing the others contained “Q Cards” – a prepaid card used for paying the bus fare and that can be scanned even when it is inside the wallet. Imagine if I had shown my wallet without any Q card, thinking that everyone was showing their wallets.

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Anonymous said...

aww haha i had that trouble once too. actually today but I forgot my Q-card instead and had to beg the bus driver to let me on. Not the most pleasant way to start a day.