Monday, February 2, 2009


If you don’t live in Houston, you don’t know that many people don’t use buses. Therefore, if you ask someone about bus routes and bus fares most of them probably will not know about it.

Very recently, I started going to school. Therefore, I had to start using the bus to go downtown. It was the first time in Houston I went on the bus. When I was waiting to get on the bus, I noticed that some passengers showed their wallets while they were getting on the bus. I wondered why they were showing their wallets. I noticed that one passenger inserted money in a box. I also inserted the money in the box. Fortunately I saw one passenger inserting the money in to the box; otherwise, I would have shown my wallet also without knowing the others contained “Q Cards” – a prepaid card used for paying the bus fare and that can be scanned even when it is inside the wallet. Imagine if I had shown my wallet without any Q card, thinking that everyone was showing their wallets.

Monday, January 26, 2009


We had a surprise in the mail last Christmas. It was from my husband’s professor. I opened that mail. There was a family photo along with a printed page. The first paragraph of the printed page was from a little girl 6 years old. She talked about what she did last year. She even mentioned about a tooth she lost. Similarly the other paragraphs were written by the other members of the family. Everyone wrote about what they did last year. The last paragraph mentioned that they hoped we also had a good year and wished us another good new year.

We received similar mail from my cousin. Then I got to know why they were sending this mail every Christmas. The reason behind this was to keep in touch. Everyone lives in different parts of the country, and therefore, they don’t meet often. Hence, these kind of letters are used to let others know about what happened in that year

We received similar letter this Christmas too. It is a really a pleasant experience to read the letters since it talks about their lives that year. Even though we are far away from them, it is exciting came in post instead of e mail

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


· Write more on my blog.
· Spend more time on reading.
· Improve my photographic skills.
· Eat right & drink more water.
· Get a better education.
· Help others to catch up with old friends or family members.
· Learn to prepare sufficient but not too much amount of food for guests.
· Spend my spare time on trying new thinks in cooking, knitting, and crossstitch.
· Learn crochet.
· Learn a new language.
· Try to be a good listener.
· Reduce time spent on phone.
· Reduce time spent on internet.
· Reduce the number of new stuff I buy.
· Reduce talking & annoying others.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The day I ate meat

Loan, a Vietnamese girl was giving cookies to other girls in class. I thought it was a fortune cookie, so I asked her to give me one. I got one but it was not a fortune cookie.

I ate that cookie. It smelled unfamiliar, so I asked her

“How did you make it?”

“With meat” she said.

The unfamiliar taste made sense new having learn that I had eaten meat.

I felt nauseated, because, I have never eaten meat. I ran to the rest room and vomited.

Later I came to the classroom. An, another Vietnamese girl realized what had happened.

She said, “The cookie was vegetarian food”

I asked “How come meat can be vegetarian food?”

She said, “The cookie was made with jack fruit”

She said, “Meat (Mít) means jack fruit in Vietnamese.”


I really enjoy reading others’ blogs. When I read others’ blogs, I ask myself that why don’t I start writing a blog.

Usually, I do everything as soon as I decide. But the question is the language in which I am going to write. If I write in my mother tongue, some of my friends might not understand. Also I am not familiar with typing my mother tongue. Therefore, I decided to write in English. In addition, it will improve my English.

To begin with, I would like to thank my husband for encouraging me to write. He always encourages me in my efforts.