Monday, January 26, 2009


We had a surprise in the mail last Christmas. It was from my husband’s professor. I opened that mail. There was a family photo along with a printed page. The first paragraph of the printed page was from a little girl 6 years old. She talked about what she did last year. She even mentioned about a tooth she lost. Similarly the other paragraphs were written by the other members of the family. Everyone wrote about what they did last year. The last paragraph mentioned that they hoped we also had a good year and wished us another good new year.

We received similar mail from my cousin. Then I got to know why they were sending this mail every Christmas. The reason behind this was to keep in touch. Everyone lives in different parts of the country, and therefore, they don’t meet often. Hence, these kind of letters are used to let others know about what happened in that year

We received similar letter this Christmas too. It is a really a pleasant experience to read the letters since it talks about their lives that year. Even though we are far away from them, it is exciting came in post instead of e mail